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As you develop a housing budget, determining your monthly mortgage payment is critical. For most people, a mortgage is their largest recurring expense. As you shop for a loan, or consider a refinance, First Choice Financial allows you to estimate your monthly mortgage payment below.

If the mortgage calculator shows a payment that feels a bit uncomfortable, you can try some options to reduce your payment. Play with a few variables to see if your payment will improve to a level you feel comfortable with.

  • Choose a longer term. With more time to repay a loan,  your payment will be lower.  However, this will require you to pay more interest over the life of the loan.
  • Buy a less expensive home.  Borrowing less money for the purchase will translate to a smaller monthly commitment.
  • Avoid private mortgage insurance. A down payment of at least 20% does not require insurance by the lender in case you default.
  • Allow us to shop for a lower rate. Be wary of lenders that offer super-low rates.  They may require you to have additional upfront costs, called points, to buy down the rate.
  • Put more money down.  Reducing the overall size of the loan will help to reduce your monthly commitment.

Disclaimer: This is not a commitment to lend or a guarantee of payment amount. This calculator is for estimation and budgeting purposes only. Down payments of less than 20% will require private mortgage insurance (PMI). Estimated fees and closing costs can only be provided through a good faith estimate provided in writing by First Choice Financial of the Western Slope, LLC.

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