Loan Office Vs. Mortgage Broker

Loan Office Vs. Mortgage Broker

When you're shopping for a home loan, you may wonder about using a mortgage broker versus a loan officer. While both ask the same questions about your financial situation and help you fill out a loan application, their roles are different. A loan officer offers mortgage options only from the financial institution they work for, while a mortgage broker acts as a matchmaker between you and a number of different mortgage lenders.

Mortgage Brokers

The term "broker" refers to someone who negotiates on someone else's behalf. A mortgage broker works with many lenders to find you loan programs with the best rates, terms and lowest closing costs for your situation, but the broker doesn't actually lend you money.

Loan Officer

A loan officer (LO) is usually an employee of an institutional bank, credit union or mortgage lender. They review financial documents and can recommend a loan for preapproval to an underwriter who works for a mortgage bank or lender.

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